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May Program With Karen Forest

Calling all concerned adults, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents ! Learn about the efforts of Moms for Liberty to defend parental rights in schools and government as well as their endeavors to clean up our schools for the proper education of today’s children !
Karen Frost is Chapter Chair of the Los Angeles County Moms for Liberty. LA County is one of the newer chapters, having launched in late 2023. Until a few years ago, Karen had no intention of leading an advocacy group. However, like many others, 2020 changed Karen’s perspective of how her children were being educated. After retiring from a 29-year law enforcement career, she decided to direct her passion to fighting for literacy, math aptitude and decency in schools.
Moms for Liberty is a non-partisan group of parents, grandparents and other concerned adults who are fighting for the return of academic excellence in schools. Moms for Liberty members use their voice to organize, empower, and educate parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government. It is truly a grassroots movement that has grown from a couple of concerned moms in Florida to about 130,000 members in chapters located in 48 states across our great nation.