The CRWF Scholarship Program provides two distinctive opportunities for Camarillo Republican students.

The First Opportunity: 

 CRWF provides merit based scholarship(s)* awarded to graduating high school seniors and/or transferring community college students who plan to pursue their bachelor's degrees. 


 * Being a registered Republican 
 * Demonstrating leadership skills 
 * Understanding the role of federal government in education from the the Republican Party's perspective 
 * Being an active volunteer in community programs 


 * Application 
 * Transcript 
 * Proof of volunteering in a community program 
 * Essay (Refer to guidelines and application during application timeframe.) 


 The Second Opportunity:

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) in conjunction with the Reagan Ranch Center Foundation has developed a Four-day educational camp that is a unique gathering designed  specifically for high school students and framed as a “crash course” in conservative thought.

This four-day program will give high school students an insight into the people, places, and ideas that shaped our 40th President, allowing them to better understand why and how Ronald Reagan changed the country and the world and how they can do the same. The very essence of President Reagan’s character is found at the Ranch—his humility, optimism, hard work, love for freedom, and belief in the American Dream. The Ranch embodies his vision of what America was, is, and could be –a “Shining City on a Hill.”


 * Learning conservative ideas from top leaders and how to champion your principles at your school & beyond!
 * Meeting and networking with like-minded students 
 * Improving your critical thinking 
 * Developping debate skills  
 * Learning to become young leaders in the Conservative Movement 

 Participants will also have an opportunity to tour the historic Presidential Western Whitehouse / Reagan Ranch property! 
 For those accepted by CRWF to attend the program, CRWF provides for the conference fee which includes: 
Three nights in a hotel, conference materials, transportation during the program, and meals

 *Each year, the number of scholarships and conference fees available are subject to the success of the club’s fund-raising efforts. 

** For March 16-19, 2022, Camarillo RWF sponsored two high school students, a freshman and a junior, to attend YAF Conference.
 For further information contact: Elena Mishkanian                    Email: