Past Events

November Luncheon

Join us to host our next keynote speaker at the Spanish Hills Country Club, Camarillo

March Evening Program With Mark Meuser

We are excited to present Attorney Mark Meuser who will speak to us regarding recent lawsuits involving voting and election integrity issues. Join in and learn about the results of these lawsuits and the impact they may have on our future elections and/or laws.
Mark currently works at the (Harmeet) Dhillon Law Group (San Francisco) where he handles Constitutional and election law issues.
In the last year, Mark has been involved in over 100 lawsuits that have attempted to keep President Trump off the ballot due to a misinterpretation of the meaning of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.
Mark is a native Californian with a proven record of fighting for our Constitutional rights. He was the CAGOP nominee for California Secretary of State in 2018 and CAGOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2022.

April Program With Richard Moore

Richard Moore is a former engineer and retired math & science teacher. Four years ago, he was
elected to the VC GOP Central Committee where he immediately became involved in the Election
Integrity. Richard has been the VC GOP Election Integrity Officer since 2022 where he has the
responsibility to recruit, train, work with volunteers and Team Captains to ensure the goals of the
Election Integrity Program continue in Ventura County.
March, 2024 Primary Election voter turnout numbers were extremely low. So how can we turn that around for the November 2024 General Election? Richard will address this question and more:
• What are the specific goals of the CAGOP Election Integrity Program in Ventura County?
• Is the CA GOP Election Integrity Program in Ventura County working?
• What areas/cities should the CA GOP Program in Ventura County be focusing on?
• What do the CA GOP Election Integrity Program volunteers do?
• What can voters do to help before November 2024?