Farmers Market


Farmers Market in Old Town, Camarillo is one of the Camarillo RWF’s community outreach efforts we pursue to initiate direct communication with you. Ms. Marden Hanson, a dedicated volunteer,  enjoys being at Camarillo's Farmers Market representing the  CRWF. Face to face engagement with Republicans, Democrats, and residents invites further individuals with curiousity to join. At the Market, we strive to create a safe civil forum for the general public to feel comfortable to exchange ideas. We encourage you to join her because “our purpose for being here is to support conservative values, help them register to vote, and give them hope for our troubled nation”.  Ms. Hanson is passionate about her involvement at the club as she gets to know the club members who wish to volunteer.


  • Promoting the Club to the general public 
  • Handing out information about the Club’s events to attract further interests 
  • Providing voting registration ballots
  • Increasing loyal members 
  • Participating in recalls, campaigns, and elections


Visit Us:

Farmers Market at Old Town Camarillo, on Ventura Blvd.

Sat. 8:00 - 12:00  

Online  Membership Application is now available 


To volunteer at our Club’s Table:

Contact:      Call: 888-747-9955 (ext.3)