Left, Chris Hooper is delivering donations. 2021

In 2021, Camarillo RWF in conjunction with the RAIN Transitional Living Center initiated a public effort to give a hand to the “individuals and families that are homeless and struggling with barriers” to refine their paths to a better life.   Ms. Christine Hooper, Chairperson, passionately volunteered to take upon herself representing the club and be the liaison person to pursue our shared goals.  Each year throughout month of October, November, and December, she along with her team of volunteers effortlessly are in continuous communication with the RAIN to increase the number of donations providing the organization with brand new beddings, quilts and blankets.


In 2021, with your strong support and generous donations, Camarillo RWF succeeded in donating an estimated 70 baged beds with bedding sets and pillows.



* Solving poverty and homelessnes crisis in your community

* Assisting with needs that go beyond the basic necessities

* Refining the entangled paths to a better life

* Promoting social and emotional well-being


* Bringing back their faiths in good people like you

Join us to push our divine mission together!

Contact: outreach@camarillorwf.org                             Call: 888-747-9955 (ext.3)
  • Ami Milla  Co-Founder
    To Christine: I hope you will convey our appreciation to all the women that made this happen. These beds in the bags bring so much comfort to the RAIN families and make the rooms so cheerful. The bedding is also a wonderful symbol that they are homeless no more.    We have a mom and 4 kids that are moving out this week, December 21, 2021, and this bedding will make a huge difference in making their new apartment feel like a home. This will be a very special Christmas!   We are all so grateful for your support, Christine. Staff are on-site and can be available to receive your donation whenever best for your schedule. Please let me know what works for you and I will notify staff. Also, if it is ok with you, we would love to share our appreciation for your donation on our social media.    Thank you!!!!      
    Ami Milla Co-Founder
    RAIN Communities, Inc.