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Camarillo Republican Women Federated, Ways and Means

Yearly Event (Fashion Show, Tea, Auction, Baskets)

General Guidelines


Form committee to discuss and decide on clothing company, theme, and cost. Talk with the president about the possible date, theme, and price of the event.


Discuss ideas with the committee including fundraising through baskets and/or auction. Select menu options as well as tablecloth and napkin colors. Review options with the club president. Decide how many vendors and the percent of income each vendor will pay CRWF.


Forward information for the CRWF newsletter. Include theme, date, cost, and request for donations from club members for baskets. Discuss PA and music.


Meet with the committee to work on grouping donations and fill baskets. Discuss details for decorating. Verify clothing companies and models have selected ensembles. Collect any auction items and include posters with details. Work on a program. Check with the CRWF Treasurer for cashier requirements at the event.


Have the program proofed and printed. Check on models and give details as to when to arrive, where they will be dressing, and where they will be seated for lunch. Distribute a schedule with the time to arrive, when to decorate, where vendors will be positioned and how many tables or tablecloths will be needed. Give details on distribution of baskets or auction items. Decide who will pick up money from vendors and what will need to be cleaned up before leaving the event.


If the event is held in June, the schedule will vary.

Monthly Drawing and Special Events

General Guidelines


Begin the monthly drawing using two part raffle tickets which are available at Smart Final. Ask another member to help before each general meeting. Be sure to bring envelopes with $25 cash (use 1’s and 5’s) to make change. Have 2 baskets ready with the tickets separated into groups of 3 or 6 or the denominations chosen to sell. Ask the attendees at the general meetings if they would like to donate toward a chance to win in the cash drawing. Tell the donor to keep the half of the ticket that says “keep” and name and phone are not needed. Separated tickets should be held in a cloth bag. Have several unmarked envelopes to put the money for each winner. After sales have stopped and tickets have been torn into singles, give all money to the treasurer who will count and divide between the club and the winners. The club will get one half the total sales. The remainder can be divided between 2 or more winners, if there is ample cash. Normally, winners receive $40-$50 each. Winning tickets are drawn from the bag toward the end of the meeting and announced as they are pulled.

February, March, April

If club funds are low, other possibilities to raise funds include a letter requesting members to donate. Another option is to ask a local restaurant to give a portion of the profit on a specific date that the club advertises to its members.

May or June

Annual event is usually a fashion show with vendors, gift baskets, and auctions.

Caring for AmericaCaring for America

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