Care For The Troops

Care For The Troops

Dear Member,

You are invited to Join Chris Hooper to move our mission forward 

Chris Hooper, Director and Organizer for Caring For America, encourages members, at least three, to volunteer to assist her to create awareness and increase engagements among the local stores and businesses to solicit donations for our troops. Her distinguished leadership skills welcomes volunteers to be part of her community effort and to experience the true meaning of productive and effective community outreach. She would share with the volunteers her inspiring experience and how your time can make a change in a life of a soldier.

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"Your Kindness Makes a Difference

We rely completely on the incredible generosity of our wonderful community, sponsors and donors to fund our mission.

As grateful as we are for the surplus of tireless volunteers who want to donate their time, with the steadily rising costs associated with package items and shipping, our organization is dependent upon your donations—any donation is greatly appreciated!"