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Gavin Newsom, anxious to shed the title of America’s most unpopular governor, is only making things worse for himself. His downward spiral has become a total free fall.
First, he posted a farcical video from the border claiming he has things under control. Trouble is, California now leads the nation in illegal border crossings, and Newsom’s stunt has been completely debunked: not a single National Guardsman has been sent to stop illegal crossings.
Second, his corrupt scheme to undermine the End Prop. 47 initiative is blowing up. Several Democrats are pulling their support; the Sac Bee and LA Times are condemning him; and leaked emails show his chief of staff actually tried to cancel the vote and bully initiative proponents.
James Gallagher and I made a joint appearance on Fox News to make sure Americans understand the unthinkable corruption that has gripped California. You can also see a full explanation of the corrupt scheme in this widely shared story about my letter to Newsom.
Meanwhile, we are taking Merrick Garland to court. After we cited him for contempt, the DOJ simply shrugged it off, even as others are sent to prison for the same offense. I blasted Garland’s hypocrisy on Newsmax and published a detailed rebuttal to his self-righteous op-ed.
As our July showdown with Alvin Bragg approaches, several other important hearings are on the docket. I’m convening my subcommittee next week for a hearing on the campus chaos, particularly in California. And our investigation into the high-speed rail debacle is underway.

The head of California High-Speed Rail testified the project is $100 billion short, and he’s hoping to “fill the gap” with federal funding. I gave my response in a Floor Speech: forget it. California needs funding for our roads, not a historic boondoggle that won’t be finished this century.

Kevin Kiley

California Congressman




Dear Pamela Faulkner, President 2021-23

On behalf of the members of Camarillo Republican Women Federated, I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding leadership and dedication during your tenure as our president.

Your unwavering commitment to implementing our social and Christian values, as well as upholding our political principles, has been a source of inspiration for us all. Your efforts have not only strengthened the foundation of our club but have also fostered an environment of unity and sisterhood that we hold dear.

Your leadership style, marked by adherence to our bylaws, has ensured that our club operates with integrity and transparency. Your ability to navigate challenges with grace and resilience during past year as California FRW experienced unprecedented turmoil has been exemplary and a testament to your strong character and commitment to our shared values.

As you step down from your role as president, we want to express our deepest gratitude for the time, energy, and passion you have invested in leading our club. Your legacy will undoubtedly endure, and the positive impact you have had on our organization will continue to resonate.

We wish you the very best in all your future endeavors and pursuits. May your path be filled with success, joy, and fulfillment in whatever your heart desires. 

Thank you once again for your strong leadership,

Elena Mishkanian

Communication Director


Remember The Ladies...

We are considered to be amazing creatures of our race, aren't we?!

Abigail Adams urged the leading roles to create opportunities for women to participate in social political issues as relevant members of American society. She restlessly encouraged the women to attain literacy and foremost she was against slavery and found it to be wrong.

While she supported the Declaration of Independence,  she urged the authors to mention women as part of it and "remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation. She explained, “We [women] have it in our power, not only to free ourselves, but to subdue our masters [men], and, without violence, throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet."  

However, while she encouraged the women to support her to demand to be mentioned and announced their will to fight side by side with their men in return, the men showed less enthusiasm to join the war and to fight for independence if women wished to be mentioned and be part of the Declaration. Unfortunately, John Adams allegedly suggested Abigail to take  down a notch and resorted to mockery by calling their efforts "Intimation that another Tribe more numerous and powerful than all the rest", he called her "saucy".

Since then, we have never vacanted the political arena and we have remained politically and socially visible while we refuse to let anyone or anything to replace us. We have came a long way to take a stand and to prove ourselves and our roles in economy, politics, technology and military. We pick up a gun and fight for our country, we feed the hunger, and ultimately we are the ones who at the end of the day sing the lullaby to put the world down to bed.

Thou shalt not undermine the power of women,

Happy March

Camarillo, California is located in Ventura County and is a named for brothers Juan and Adolfo Camarillo, prominent Californios who owned Rancho Calleguas and founded the city.

Camarillo is located in Pleasant Valley at the eastern end of the Oxnard Plain, with the Santa Susana Mountains to the north, the Camarillo Hills to the northwest, the Conejo Valley to the east, and the western reaches of the Santa Monica Mountains to the south.  A lush agricultural area, Camarillo grows beautiful strawberries,  orange, lemon and walnuts that are prized by consumers.  Point Mugu Naval Air Station is located in this area and we are very proud and supportive of the Naval personnel living in this area.


Adolfo Camarillo (pictured) and his brother, Juan,
were Californios who founded Camarillo
in the early 1900's.

The Camarillo brothers built The Camarillo Ranch House
on their Rancho Calleguas - isn't it beautiful?

Delicious strawberries and other fruit are grown in the Camarillo area.

Point Mugu is the home of an important Naval station and Missile Park.