1st VP, Programs — Pam Lindeman

Programs and Events 

Programs:   The Camarillo Republican Women Federated Club (CRWF Club) holds a minimum of 10 General Meetings per Calendar Year.  General Meetings are held from January through June, with a break from July through August, resuming in September through December.  The purpose of the General Meetings include but are not limited to: serve as the Board of Directors/General Membership Meetings; update Membership on Activities (reports by Chairpersons) and Financial Status of the Club; provide information to the Membership on political issues/concerns as well as Legislation updates; call for Membership approval as needed; and vote and confirm elected Board Members.

At the 10 General Membership Meetings the CRWF schedules a variety of presentations by recognized and accomplished conservative leaders. Our Keynote Speakers educate and provide insight to local, state, and national issues/concerns affecting (or affected) the GOP, our Nation and our Conservative movement.

General Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month for lunch meetings or a Wednesday evening for dinner meetings. Six to Seven of the General Meetings are held during the day, and three to four of the General Meetings are held in the evening.

Events:  The CRWF Club holds or participates in various events throughout the year. The purpose of the Events include but are not limited to: voter support for local and state Republican Candidates; communication of issues/concerns affecting the GOP, our  Nation and our Conservative movement; voter registration and voter fraud; supporting our Military and local Veterans; supporting our High School and College activism of the conservative movement; holding evening met and greets that provide opportunities for working Republicans, College and High School Students to meet fellow conservatives and to hear from our leadership and various speakers.  (Additional information is provided under Community Involvement).