It’s time to renew your membership in

Camarillo Republican Women Federated (CRWF)!

The current membership year ends September 30, 2019. Your dues for the October 01, 2019 through September 30, 2020 membership year are due October 01, 2019.

Membership in Camarillo Republican Women is open to women who are registered Republicans and embrace the Republican philosophy of the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. The organization hosts monthly meetings featuring distinguished speakers. It also offers patriotic activities that raise awareness about initiatives important to the Republican Party, it empowers women in the political process. CRWF educated members on issues and legislation and promotes grassroots advocacy with the goal of electing Republicans to office.

 Without your participation and dues support, CRWF could not fulfill its commitment to support the Republican Party and advance our Mission to see women from all age groups and walks of life as key players at the political table on national, state and local issues.


Every member strengthens CRWF’s political clout. Even when you do not . have the time to be personally involved, your membership dues support the actions of other CRWF Members who work to support our GOP and our Mission. As a Member, you make everything we do possible.

Please renew your CRWF Membership by returning the attached application to:
CRWF, Attention: Membership
P.O. Box 1021
Camarillo, CA 93011-1021






  1. Registered Republican women may choose a General Membership ($40), a Silver Membership ($50), or a Gold Membership ($100)
  2. Women who are members of other Republican Women Federated clubs may apply for Associate Membership ($15)
  3. Registered Republican men are eligible for individual Associate Membership ($15)
  4. Female students (over the age of 18) currently enrolled at educational institutions and registered as Republican may apply for Student Membership ($15), and can request “Angle Fund” assistance. Femailes who are under age 18 or male students of any age*, may apply for Associate Membership ($15), and can request “Angel Fund” assistance. *Male students over 18 must be registered Republican.


  1. The largest and most influential women’s political organization in the country!
  2. A network of like-minded people at regional and local events openly discussing important issues facing our country.
  3. Updates and news regarding legistlation and elections at hosted events through newsletters, the Club website and Facebook page.


  1. Unity with your fellow members in promoting the principles, objectives, and policies of the Republican Party.
  2. Support for grassroots efforts in electing Republicans to office.
  3. Your membership includes discounts on CRWF events! Look for special “CRWF Member” pricing on luncheons and other events!



CRWF currently charges $40 per year for a general membership. Of that $40, $10 goes to the CA FRW and $20 to the National FRW. Joining our Camarillo Club also gives you a membership in the State and National clubs and all the benefits associated with memberships in these organizations. The remaining money is applied to the cost of the printing and mailing the Trunkline Newsletter and Club Roster (Membership Directory), printing and mailing membership applications/envelopes and other membership-related correspondence and for New Member Welcome Packages. Approximately 50% of our Club membership currently requests all club correspondence by postal mail.

Membership fees do not produce any “extra income”. CRWF works hard to produce needed revenue from other sources and from fundraisers so that we can keep our general membership fees at the lowest possible level. 



If you would like to help us hold fees down, please opt for eMail vs postal mail when possible. We know this is less personal, but again, it will help to keep our membership fees as low as possible. Each mailed edition of the Trunkline costs approximately $3.00 to print and mail. For approximately half our Club, postal mail is our only method of communication and for some percentage of these recipients, the Trunkline is our only contact with those members. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that the Trunkline remain the information-packed publication that it is. So, feel free to request postal mail if that is what you need. If not, please select the “eMail” option on your membership renewal.




    CRWF operates a separate fund, known as the “Angel Fund”, which was established in January of 2013 for the purpose of helping active members and high school or college Republicans in need of occasional financial assistance with membership or luncheon costs. The monies for the Angel Fund are those fees beyond regular membership costs gained from Silver ($50) and Gold ($100) membership levels. In addition to contributing to the Gold level qualifies you for a personalized membership badge signifying the higher level membership.

    We have used the Angel Fund for members who have been active in the club but for whom the cost of membership or a a monthly meeting/luncheon was occasionally beyond their financial reach. We also use the Angel Fund to subsidize high school or college Republicans’ participation in trainings, events or conventions and to fund Lifetime Memberships (50+ years in the Club)

    In addition to Silver and Gold membership donation opportunities, any member may make a contribution of any amount at any time. So, if you don’t have a lot of time to volunteer but a a few (or a bunch) of extra dollars, please consider a donation to the CRWF Angel Fund.